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Music is one of the most popular artistic media now. Citate Forms is an independent drum & bass label which was founded in 2015. Our works can be purchased on platforms like digital tunes, beatport, google play, junodownload, itunes, spotify etc. The label is founded by two talented Russian Drum and Bass artists – Noulan and Kelayx. the label is looking forward to collaborations with musicians from all over the world.

drum and bass and other kinds of music can be used as samples. The company is looking forward to host podcasts, release a collection of mixes from their musicians in future. now Citate Forms is focused on polishing the music tracks, albums covers design and advertisement of future releases.

Drum and bass is a kind of electronic music that was created from rave and old school jungle of 90s. There are several tendencies, including liquid funk and jump up, dubwise. Some artists adapted their music for live concerts. They incorporate drums, both electro and acoustic, bass-guitars, guitars and synthesizers. There are often MCs at live drum and bass performances.

Some pieces of drum and bass are quite popular in mainstream music, especially if the vocals are present. The earliest examples include Goldie with album called “Timeless” back from 1995. The most new one is track “Goa” by Moscow producer Electrosoul System, it was streamed by British radio stations during summer 2005.

Drum & bass is often used in video and computer games. Some pieces create a special vibe for racing simulators, fight games and 3D shooters. For instance, fictional radio station in Grand Theft Auto III “MSX FM” streamed drum and bass music. Recently this genre was used for pop music creation, but in a unusual version. Some examples can be often seen on TV, in advertisement etc.

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